Read This Thing in 2015

Collection of the 165 stories shared in 2015

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Hey all, ReadThisThing is a popular daily newsletter featuring a link to just one fascinating story from around the web each day. To wrap up 2015, we put together a bug collection of all the stories we featured throughout the year. Enjoy, and let me know if you have questions!
Really love what Austin has built over the past year. Let's see if he will jump in and answer some questions.
Look, I'm all for reading cool things, but when you can't see a single piece of content without putting your email in, that's not a product, it's a sales page. For a newsletter. How an earth does this count as a Product?! Even the skimm let's you view their archive, for chrissake
@manasvinik @itscoreyb ah! good link, might want to add that to the main page. great reads!