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Austin Smith
@awwstn · GM @
Hey all, ReadThisThing is a popular daily newsletter featuring a link to just one fascinating story from around the web each day. To wrap up 2015, we put together a bug collection of all the stories we featured throughout the year. Enjoy, and let me know if you have questions!
Tom Masiero
@blendahtom · GM of LaunchBit
Really love what Austin has built over the past year. Let's see if he will jump in and answer some questions.
Corey Breier@itscoreyb · Agent at Invisible Technologies
Look, I'm all for reading cool things, but when you can't see a single piece of content without putting your email in, that's not a product, it's a sales page. For a newsletter. How an earth does this count as a Product?! Even the skimm let's you view their archive, for chrissake
Corey Breier@itscoreyb · Agent at Invisible Technologies
@manasvinik @itscoreyb ah! good link, might want to add that to the main page. great reads!