This is the official Chrome Extension for Read πŸ’© Faster. It allows you to drastically increase your WPM without compromising your reading comprehension. Rather than reading left-to-right, you're reading one word at a time as each word flashes on your screen.
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Gotta use it on every single piece of shit on internet.
Hey PH! After launching Read πŸ’© Faster ( as a web app last week, reaching the #2 spot, having received tons of feedback, support, and ideas--the #1 thing people had requested was a browser extension so that they wouldn't have to hop between different tabs to copy and paste articles/text blocks they were reading (and because extensions are pretty convenient nowadays πŸ˜‰) Today I'm excited to announce the release of Read πŸ’© Faster's browser extension (currently for Chrome only). Every single feature that was on the web app has been ported over to this extension, and ever since the app's launch last week, I've been able to implement some pretty useful features--most notably keyboard shortcuts/controls (as seen in Picture 3). There's definitely still more features I want to work on, and there are still improvements to be made. As such, I've gone ahead and made the entire project open-sourced: Anyone is welcome to contribute to it :)
@sakunacharige heck yeah! that's what I am talking about.