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No one should ever mention 2 girls one cup, let's just forget
Hey all, ReactorTV is an app for creating long-form fan reaction videos. Fan based reactions are different from impulse reactions (think two-girls one cup) in that the fan is an avid follower of the content/creator and adds insightful and interesting commentary. This was a project built a few years ago as a social network around content, but we ran into a lot of headwind with the music industry. Brought it back as a paid utility app. Interesting facts: - Fan reaction videos have three phases: an intro, the reaction, & post commentary - As a result of the fact above, reaction videos are usually 2x longer than the original content - Fans who create reaction videos are often influencers within the fandom - Viewers (other fans) will watch the original video on release date, then follow up by watching many reactions (often spending 20x-50x the original content time through this medium)
That video on the landing page is amazing.
@goldstrom Yea, Eileen is one of our first/early users. Reaction videos created a platform for her to be an influencer in the k-pop fandom.
Is it not available in US App Store?
@eddiedaroza it's there now! Sorry about that. Itunes contract changed and I had to approve it =(
are you going to update reactortv app because i can't do any reactions on reactortv because the reactions say this video cannot be played per YouTube copyright policy