ReactiveSearch 3.0

Free components for building search UIs

#4 Product of the DayAugust 29, 2019
ReactiveSearch provides the building blocks for creating search UIs - it reduces the time to go live from weeks to hours.
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Absolutely love this product. Even as an Elasticsearch noob I've been able to leverage these libraries to create multiple complex search apps in record time. @siddharthlatest and his team has been helpful and responsive on github, and they continue to churn out sick features. Thanks guys!
Loved the UI & the concept! Kudos :)
Thanks @yashness! :-)
Thanks for the hunt @kevin! Hey everyone 👋, ReactiveSearch 3.0 is our biggest release till date. It's the (one of the) most popular UI components library for building production grade search UIs. It's also an incredible time saver and we now have over 500 open-source projects (and many more private ones) relying on it for their search needs. Quickstart guide: We have now also built a marketplace of boilerplate search apps that extend ReactiveSearch in interesting ways: What's new in v3.0: It's adds some of the most requested features (Voice Search, preliminary GraphQL support), contains a new StateProvider Component, includes major accessibility enhancements and makes it easier than ever to extend the library. You can read the full changelog over here: Next Roadmap: We're actively working on supporting more frameworks: Native support for Vue is already available now. Support for Vanilla JS and Angular JS is coming soon. We are also going to continue focusing on improving the performance and reducing the net bundle size.
Loved it 🥰 The ProductHunt link that you set on the website is wrong. Update: I have updated on Github. Pull Request 👍🏻
@pjijin Thanks, merged and it's on the live site now :-)