Reaction Story

Create your own reaction story

When Facebook released its new reaction buttons, a few medias hijacked them to tell stories. Well, now you can do it in a few easy steps and get a link or an image of your own story :) This is a simple experiment that we built in a few hours, we hope people will use it to tell stories in the same way!
would be cool if this was export-able after you've made the story
@bentossell Hi Ben, for now the .png do not care about the line break, we have to figure it out. Meanwhile you can share the link, the Facebook and Twitter preview will display a part of your story!
Update: we added a secret feature to change the emoji order.
Would be cool if it was used as an universal poll, I'd love access to collaborate or just use this idea! Quickly share polls to people with a question and how they feel? Example would be my new startup,! "How do you feel about people buying fake excuses to miss work/anything?" Then hearing such quick anonymous results would be interesting to accumlate with something users are now getting used to (reactions). Love what you got! Cheers.
Here is a not "Reaction Story" but a nice Reaction comic, could be called to Emovisual ☁☁☁☁☁☁☁☁☁☁☁ 🎈 "my balloon" _______________________🏃💨 🎈 🙋🏻 I got it Thinking of how I could do a Mario Reaction Comic too.