Reaction Packs for Facebook

Swap out Facebook reactions for something a little more fun.

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See... this is why we should've done some for the @ProductHunt hackathon!
@bentossell @producthunt haha i thought about coding an chrome extension for reactions on product hunt :D WITH GIFS! or do you mean a product hunt reaction pack for facebook?
@neuling2k @producthunt I meant for facebook... but equally sound good haha I also wanted to do a stock photography pack of us ha
Niceeeee! Trump pack is fun, but Pokemon is just awesome!
Isn't the Trump Reaction pack a pure copycat from Trump Reactions released a few days ago? Not even a word for it's creator? ;-)
@jehldavid I have pack attribution on local but went to sleep before pushing to prod >_> didn't expect this to blow up. check back in ~20 minutes!
@jehldavid attribution is up. thanks for the reminder!
@rodneyfolz Don't worry that's cool! Glad you made reunited these packs!
@jehldavid @rodneyfolz Thanks David for the mention and thanks Rodney for adding it :)
That was quick!
This is amazing! I really like the fact that you can add reaction that you created :)