The way CSS in React should be

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Been using react for a while and I still prefer sass for my styles. I love having html in my javascript, but stylesheets are really good for keeping my app styles consistent. I want my html and javascript to be component driven, but not my styles. That's what keeps my app visually cohesive. On that super cynical note, good work! Looks great for inline css in react.
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Christian PetersenDesigner & Developer
@blainehatab I totally agree with you, what defines a component is not it's visuals but it's functionality. I kind of see the idea in ReactCSS for React Native, but not for the web.
Erik Finman
Founder of Finman Technologies
ReactCSS brings back a familiar class-based data structure to inline styles in React. It allows you to “pop” modifier classes on and off just like you would with traditional css. It also helps you keep all of the style logic in one place and makes it really clear at a glance what is going on.