React Your Way

Custom Facebook Reactions for everyone

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Hey, Product Hunters! We are really excited to be here today. Thanks @benln for the hunt! :) I and @rishirdua were inspired by a similar project by @fgrante. We thought we could do a lot more with this idea, and thus took it upon ourselves to build more such reactions. React Your Way is a collection of 18 chrome extensions that we built throughout last week, that include all US presidential candidates, popular figures like Beyonce, Kanye West, Narendra Modi and a pack of dank memes and even disney characters. Currently, we are also accepting custom reaction requests and simultaneously working on building a reaction generator. We look forward to your feedback and suggestions!
How will the reaction generator work? Also, do we have to pay for a custom reaction?
@yashpkotak For the reaction generator, we will let users upload custom images. We'll provide image editing tools and a backend that'll update your chrome extension. We are yet to begin working on a contributed gallery where your friends can use the reactions you've made. You won't have to pay for a custom reaction. This will remain a free service. However we might not be able to accept all requests given that we only have weekends to work on this. Now this makes me think, we should probably have a community where people can contribute ideas.
That seems to be really cool! Would love to be a part of your community!
Ok - this is pure fun
@samir_doshi Happy to hear that! As Vishal mentioned, we are accepting custom reaction requests and working on making a reaction generator.
Somebody make one with the Inside Out characters. That one is a no-brainer. :-)
@grberk Thanks for the idea! Sounds fun. We are getting a lot of requests via the website. We'll try to make as many as we can. Looking at the requests, I think it would be better if we spend our time making a reaction generator instead, so that everyone can make these reactions themselves.