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Hi, I am one of the creators of React Storybook. I really like to get your idea on this and feel free to tell us anything 😄
This tool really speeds up design / development process. Amazing! Thank you so much!
@vadirn Awesome. Yeah. This is something I made for our team. This is exactly the their feedback too.
This is awesome. A great way to learn and get familiarize with react too.
I can see that this is very useful for Meteor 1.3 apps following the Mantra specification.
@arunoda Any plans on making this an Atom plugin? Kind of markdown preview?
@vadirn Not yet. But I hope that's pretty straightforward and can be built as another project. If you interested in doing that, I am happy to help.
@arunoda I'll make an attempt)
@vadirn Awesome. Basically you need to run the npm run storybook command and open the page inside Atom. For further discussion use GitHub. I hope that's a better place than here.