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Kristian Heruc
Kristian HerucMaker@kheruc · Web developer
Hi, I'm Kristian, React developer from Croatia. After almost 15 years of developing for the web with various technologies, in 2017 I decided to switch to the React ecosystem and never looked back. Ever since I started working with React, I've been collecting various resources and this site is the result. I plan to continue updating it daily and work on new features like the ability to sign in and submit your own resources. I'm open to suggestions for improvements. The site is built with Next.js, my favorite React framework, Styled Components and Firebase.
Graeme@graeme_fulton · Making and Letter 💌
@kheruc i love react resources! nice one!
Tomislav Tenodi
Tomislav Tenodi@tomislav_tenodi · CEO & Co-founder @ Speck
Neatly organized app for most important things about React. In my bookmarks for some time now. Thanks for building it!
Kristian Heruc
Kristian HerucMaker@kheruc · Web developer
Thank you @tomislav_tenodi, I'm glad you found it useful!