React Rainbow is a collection of components that will reliably help you build your web application in a snap.
- 60+ components
- Proper documentation based on Interactive Examples
- Open-source project
- TypeScript support
- Theme
and more...
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Hi Product Hunters, I'm Tahimi Leon, one of the creators of React Rainbow. We're very excited to share a little project our team's been working on. - More than 60 components built on top of React. - Proper documentation based on Interactive Examples. - Our components are test infected. - We designed each component with i18n in mind. - Accessibility is part of our definition of done. - Our npm package provides page object. We are excited that you are interested in contributing to this open-source project! We are around all day answering questions about React Rainbow, we'd love to hear what you think!. Give it a hack and let us know what you think.
Nurlan NurmanovBDM @ Startups
I liked the library. It looks awesome! Already shortlisted, so might start a project with the help of your library.
@nurlan_nurmanov Thank you for your kind comment. We are very happy that react rainbow can help you with your project. 👍
Cool stuff! Keep it right!
Jim Raptis
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Absolutely neat components! Congratulations! 👏
Wow this is a blessing! Thanks so much @tahimi_leon