React Native Seed

Starting point for your React Native project

React Native Seed is a starting point for your React Native project

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Hi Hunters! 👋 Thank you @chrismessina for hunting our product. 😁 React Native Seed is a boilerplate generator with the following technologies to choose from, Static Type Checker: Flow, TypeScript Stack: CRNA, Plain React Native State Management: MobX, Redux, mobx-state-tree React Navigation and NativeBase are default in all variations The starter kits are open source. 🤘 We hope that you try it out and share your feedback. 🙏 Thanks! 🙂
As I understood, it is a React toolkit, right?
@serj8846 Not exactly a toolkit, but a collection of React Native starter kits with different combinations of technologies.
Great work! What if I don't want to choose both Typescript or Flow?
@iamsooraj Thanks Sooraj! :) There's no limit to download. You can clone/download both the versions.
@shrutikaushikit My doubt is - Is there an option where I can choose not to select both Typescript and Flow? Right now, Only upon the selection of either Typescript or Flow, it goes to next step.
@shrutikaushikit @iamsooraj You can choose flow and ignore the Flowtype completely. That should be fine.