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Mobile App Starter Kit Generator for React Native

Simple yet powerful way to generate new mobile app using latest tech stack and pre-built components!
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Hi, PH! Thanks for the hunt @micrum ! I am head of Mobile Department at Flatlogic and I will be happy to show you what we have created here. React Native Starter already saves thousands of hours of work for mobile developers worldwide. And now we have created a product that aims to go even further! Using our generator you can configure a boilerplate for your React Native project using our wizard, by choosing theme and components that you want to use. As a result, you will receive a customized version of React Native Starter. If you want to start a new mobile application, all you need to do is: 1. Pick a theme you like the most. 2. Choose components that suits your app’s business logic. 3. Add 3rd parties integrations to extend your app’s capabilities. That’s it! You can start building you app’s business logic on top of freshly created template. We understand that our idea and implementation may not be perfect from the beginning, so we are open to all feedback from you! This is why we are eagerly waiting for your comments, five stars and reviews. Thank you!
Just a few clicks instead of custom designer and engineer work? This is fucking awesome!
@r0mochka Thanks Raman! I hope we will see this future soon
Tired of spending hundreds of hours creating mobile applications? React Native App Generator provides a simple and powerful tool that allows you to create your personal starter kit by choosing components and theme that suits your needs. Spend no time on writing boilerplate code and focus on business logic only!
Isn't it a future when we can create an app in some minutes? Well done guys!
@lena_grechits Thanks Lena, this is what we are thinking about too!
@okendoken I tried the builder but looks like it's not ready yet?
@sajclarke hey Shannon, thanks for checking out our project! Yes, indeed, it is not ready for public yet - we are testing it in beta and will send invites to all users who left their emails. Let me know if you have any other questions!