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#5 Product of the DayDecember 15, 2019
Speed up your development workflow and start with a complete project setup for building high performance web apps.
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Looks interesting. But, there is very little information for a product that is $30. Could we not see the documentation, for e.g.?
@iamgp Thanks for the feedback! I will take another look at the landing page and try to provide more information or a link to the docs.
Does this boilerplate bring all of the boys to the yard?
@makemeshutter you damn right, and it's better than yours 🥤
How does your boilerplate compare with ?
@neil_vanlandingham The most important difference to other boilerplates is that this includes a simple CLI for generating most of the Redux boilerplate code. For instance, if you run "make:feature books GET_BOOKS" this will create a directory with the actions, reducer, sagas and services. It inserts the snippets of code that you can manage. So you don't have to manually write te code to create a reducer for example. This was an experiment for myself and I really liked how this worked, that's why I created the boilerplate. If people are liking it I will continue to work on it and improve it some more. Maybe launch different versions, like with authentication with Firebase setup for example. What is your most import feature for a boilerplate? And would you be interested in having something like user authentication included?
@jake_prins Authentication is definately something I have been looking for in a generator
@billie_thompson Thanks for letting me know! I'm actually working on a version that includes authentication with a Ruby on Rails API. Would that be something you could use? Or rather like to use Firebase?
When I click pricing on your site it scrolls down to where I can see the pricing but the "Feature" section is highlighted instead of "Pricing". I'd also recommend adding an 's' to "Feature".
This looks a lot like the RedQ React Landing page template on Themeforest: https://superprops-gatsby-tarex.... with fewer features. Here's the full link:
@tacodenouter Yes, it looks a lot like it because I bought the template and used it for the landing page. Not sure why you mention it here, React Milkshake (the boilerplate) has nothing to do with the landing page. Maybe I should make that more clearly? 🤔