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Tomer Bin
Tomer Bin@tomer_bin
Nice work! can you add subscribe to alerts? I think it's a must. -Tomer
Gianluca Esposito
Gianluca EspositoMaker@_gesposito · Frontend Developer
@tomer_bin Definitely! We're still working on making it enjoyable for the Employers to add new jobs, but it's on top of our todo list! :)
Denis Lukov
Denis Lukov@denislukov · Front End developer, BrightSign
Mike Desjardins
Mike Desjardins@mdesjardins · Made
@cello3m @_gesposito Hi there! Love the site and I plan on using it! I currently run a remote job aggregator site that scans 16+ job boards, it'd be really cool if you offered some way to easily crawl the site so I could include it in my listings - javascript heavy sites are usually the hardest for crawling (it looks like this board doesn't work at all w/out javascript). Any plans to add something like an RSS feed or a public API?
Gianluca Esposito
Gianluca EspositoMaker@_gesposito · Frontend Developer
@mdesjardins @cello3m Hi Mike, thanks! We're not ready for primetime yet, we'll make this happen whenever we feel confident about exposing a reliable API.