React Draft Wysiwyg

Out of the box, feature-rich content editing for React

Thanks Nik for hunting React Draft Wysiywg On the web content management continues to be a challenge. This year Facebook open-source DraftJS and I found that its an awesome library to build content on web ages in bug free and reliable way. When iPaoo approached me for building a CMS editor for them it was my opportunity to build something nice for CMS. I love building great stuff, its so rewarding in itself. iPaoo allowed me a open-source a modified version of the Editor I built for them and there you go. React Draft Wysiwyg is built on top of ReactJS and DraftJS. It provides awesome content editing capabilities like supporting embedded links like youtube videos, code-pen, providing support for uploading displaying images, providing mentions support, emojis, text styling like color, font-size, block type, etc. It generates output in very reliable way in JSON format which can be saved and re-hydrated to the editor. Also, I have made along with the editor libraries to convert this JSON format to HTML and Markdown. The toolbar for the editor is highly configurable, thus you can control which editing options your users get.
@jyopur Good job! 🙌
@thekitze Thanks Kitze :)
@jyopur where were you two weeks ago when I was working on a Medium clone in react 😒
@gabriel__lewis :) can I help you now
@jyopur does it properly support RTL like TinyMCE and others?
Link above is broken, plz check: Till it gets fixed.
Its fixed now.
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@angelofrancisco Nik is fixing it.
is there any way to use this without React? if not, is there any other solutions out there?