React Dashboard

Free and Open-source React Admin Dashboard Template

React Dashboard is an entirely free open-source isomorphic dashboard template with Serve Side Rendering. It is built with the latest versions of React (16.7.0), React Router (4.3.1), Redux, GraphQL and Bootstrap. You can use React Dashboard for your startup to build SASS, E-Commerce, CMS, CRM, etc. applications.

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Hi ProductHunt! We have been working a lot on building React applications that require Server Side rendering for different purposes such as SEO. React Dashboard was available on a github for more than a year, and it is only now we decided it can be a good starting point for Product Hunters to build their apps! Have fun and enjoy the app!
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Impressed by your talent to make such clean design. Love and already used it!
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@r0mochka Thanks Raman! I appreciate your support. Btw, I really loved your Darkboard Great job!
Good stuff, was looking for a clean React Dashboard template.
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@dulitharw Thank you for your feedback!