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Hi Everyone, I'm one of the creators of React D3 Library along with Andrew Burke and Daniel Lee. We've found a way to make it extremely easy to implement any D3.js code you've written and simply plug and play in to React. We'd love to have everyone try out our library and give us lots of feedback. Thanks for the support!
Are there demos on the website? If so they're not easy to find and if not, you should definitely consider adding some. I want to see a package in action before I take the time download it.
@ayayronf We have an example sand box you might be interested in at: https://github.com/react-d3-libr.... Fork and clone the repo, npm install, npm start, and go to localhost:3000 in your browser. Especially check out the React dev tools when using the examples so you can see how each element created by D3 is a part of React's virtual DOM. We're also in the process of converting our landing page into a full React website in a couple days that will show the many examples we've used in that sandbox, along with the responsible code. We're continuing to add more D3 examples and more specific templates as well.
Pretty awesome library, could be useful for game development on the web. As browsers merge towards a standardized set of principles, games should hopefully start shifting from stand-alone apps to the browser! Great job, thanks for sharing.