Premium car-sharing by BMW, BMWi and MINI

#1 Product of the DayApril 09, 2016
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It's called DriveNow here in Germany and it works great.
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@llabball I'm visiting Berlin today till Thursday. Hope I'll be able ti give it a shot!
@kostgx Have a nice time!
@kostgx @llabball I had to have proof of residence (I'm also in Berlin) before being able to sign up.
ralphmartynward jupp, i fear that will be a blocker for short-time visitors.
@llabball Same here in UK BUT I don't like their vehicles as they are covered in branding and are premium priced.
What cities is this currently offered in? Any Canadian cities? I use Car2Go occasionally in Montreal
I cannot wait to try this when I'm back in Seattle next week. I'm a huge fan of Car2Go, but there are times when a Smart Car is just too small. And while I like Zipcar, I hate having to return it to the place I started.
Looks like it's just in Seattle right now. Can't wait to have this in DC!
Very interesting: DriveNow didn't work in the US and was shut down end of 2015. This is their second try.