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I’ve found staring your goals in the face can make a huge difference, and Reach is a simple chrome extension that helps you do just that. Each time you open up a new tab you’ll see your monthly target, and what number you need to hit today to stay on track. It’s kind of a hybrid of other extensions like Momentum and List Goal combined into one. Been using it for a few days and it’s really fun, helps me stay focused on the goal for the month. More about this on this blog post at @ryangum (also founder of one of my other favourite products Attach) could perhaps tell us a bit more (more about why he built this?
Thanks @jasondainter. Exactly as you put it: keeping your goals front and center can go a long way to actually hitting them. And if you've got a monthly goal that you're aiming for, Reach is there to help. It was is a fun side project we hacked together. We originally came at this from a sales perspective, but realized it could really be extended to any type of monthly goal you might have, for example: - Close $30,000 in deals - Run 20 miles - Spend 30 hours learning to code - Do 1500 pushups - Save $1000 for your summer vacation - Book 50 meetings - Hunt 20 products on Product Hunt
I installed it I love the idea, as every day I take 10 minutes to very the financials off my companies. I do this manual, even typing the query, the main raison is because I wanted to get my hands dirty and get connected to the health of my company. Now I added it with the total financial goal every time I open a webpage As stated, would be nice if we can give our current goal Ex. I want to reach 100.000 App shows 9000 to reach today I am at 15000, So 1 dot where we should be 1 dot where we are Upvoted
@ryangum Congrats on the launch buddy! I've been beta testing Reach for a few weeks and I really like it. Simple but well executed. It's great to see more and more free (or inexpensive) smaller products, released by companies to raise attention on their main product. Way to go @attachio team :)
And thanks for the feedback on it so far @gregoiregilbert !
Looks interesting, and could really help you get the focus on the One Metric That Matters. Interesting to see that more and more companies are looking into "fun" little side projects for their marketing as well. Side projects are great ways of getting more visibility and those interests into your main product!
@jcvangent spot on Hans. We've all seen that side projects and experiments can increase visibility in your main product, that's what we're hoping for at
Awesome extension! Save time and get more productive 👊