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IMHO there are far too many sites like this that aggregate photos from unsplash, picjumbo etc. and offer a different layout.
@cynicalgrinch appreciate the opinion. You're certainly right - many sites though are pulling in iframes of other photo sites or just scraping the details. For re:splashed I chose to focus on the user experience. I specifically built it because I was sick of scrolling though hundreds of photo to find the one I was after. Search w/ tags was the solution to this. More filtering items to come!
You may want to use RiteTag's API for associated hashtags, @twanlass
Re:splashed is the cousin of Unsplash ( Here's a blog post @twanlass wrote about building it
@robjama - thanks for posting!
Thanks! I am assuming it is ok to use these for commercial use? Seems like another great resource.
@jonathanburdon Correct. Images are licensed under public domain and have no copyright. Go nuts!
Love unsplash. This interface looks great.
Fast interface! Immediate improvements could be the search bar staying on top / scrolling with you, and the possible tags being displayed somehow ( instead of making people guess ) Also check your source code around the favicon