A calendar that helps you manage meeting overload

Overwhelmed by meetings? Use Re:Schedule to prepare for meetings, lead productive discussions & track results. Take notes for meetings right in your calendar.
Hi Product Hunt, Girish here, creator of Re:Schedule, an iPad calendar built for people dealing with meeting overload. Here's a typical scenario: Your last meeting ran late ⏰. And you need to run to the next meeting. You don't have time to send out the notes and action items from the last meeting. The notes are really rough, and the action items scattered within them. You'll have to find time later to clean them up and send them out. You also need to pull out the action items and assign them to your team members in the task manager. You are leading the next meeting 👩‍💻, and you didn't get a chance to prepare for it. You need to get up-to-speed on the context. Quickly. What did we discuss last week 🗒? How are the action items progressing ✅? The older meeting notes are buried deep in a folder in your notes app. The action items are under a project which is under your team in your task manager. Everything is in a different place, mixed in with other projects and meetings. And you're trying to make sense of it all while trying to lead a productive meeting. Whew! 🤷‍♀️ I've created Re:Schedule to make life easier for such scenarios. Re:Schedule's approach is to bring tasks and meeting notes into your calendar. It uses your calendar and meetings as an organizational mechanism, making it easier and quicker to access the things you need. It serves as a meeting workspace, allowing you to take notes for meetings and add action items to meetings. Since it is a calendar, it shows you the information most relevant to you at any time. Re:Schedule works well for recurring meetings. Notes are grouped for the meeting series. You can view previous notes from the meeting workspace. You also see the open tasks from earlier meetings. I would love to hear your questions and feedback. Fire away!
Immediately love this and would be all over this...if it integrated with office 365 :) Love the product.
@scott_clennell Thanks, Scott! Integrations are something I have in mind for future releases.
Any plans for a Droid version of this? I can't evaluate an ios app properly, so am withholding my upvote
@hasan_diwan Unfortunately not in the short term. I have a pretty packed roadmap of features I need to complete before I can work on an Android version.