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I'm an investor in The Skimm and there were still aspects of the founding story here that were new to me. Maybe I need @pkafka to help us with due diligence!!! Great story about an authentic team building an authentic product in a very tough space.
Really enjoyed listening to this on my commute this morning as a co-founder of a "newsletter" business myself; we were really inspired by theSkimm in the creation of our product, and the way they talk about being an "audience business" is on the money. Also the idea of "email being dead" always reminds me of this post by our own @rrhoover about email-first startups: http://ryanhoover.me/post/439868...
Looking forward to listening to this! I love The Skimm.
Interesting podcast, interesting to see the behind the scenes of the media industry. Anyone have any recommendations of similar podcasts?
Some of my friends love the Skimm. Interested in learning more about this.