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Women execs talk gender bias and harassment in tech



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Ryan Hoover — Founder, Product Hunt
I listened to half the episode this morning. Sadly, I'm not surprised 60% of the women anonymously surveyed, experienced some form of unwanted sexual advances in the workplace.

Startup's latest episode with @lisaechow also touched on this topic.
Jed Bridges — Designer
@rrhoover Is there a link to that study? I'd love to see it! : )
Jed Bridges — Designer
@rrhoover Thanks so much! Those are some shocking stats : o I wonder how other cities compare??
QueenLear — ConnectionAgent-Co-Founder @ButtonPoetry
Thank you @rrhoover for sharing the study link. I haven't had a chance to listen to the cast yet but I looked at the write up. I'm not exactly satisfied with their sample population. Leans very heavy on the family 40+ crowd. Having a repeat study to get good sense of young single women in tech just starting their careers would be valuable as well. Even the stat talking about being discrimination regarding talking about family in a population pool that is primarily mothers is biased (not that it's not valid and important but single women, or women who choose to NOT have children are also discriminated). Interested to see this study repeat for validity and also in other cities. Thanks for sharing.
Danielle Newnham — Founder, The Junto Network. Author
@queenleariv 100% - I had wanted to "downvote" for same reasons :) Actually writing a response on @Medium - would be great to hear your thoughts on it also
QueenLear — ConnectionAgent-Co-Founder @ButtonPoetry
@daniellenewnham Did you post your thoughts on Medium? I'd love to read them.
Danielle Newnham — Founder, The Junto Network. Author
@queenleariv Not yet - debating whether it's worth it as don't want to stir anything up
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