An iOS and MacOS client for RevenueCat

RevenueCat is a must for In-App Purchases
RCReporting lets you view your RevenueCat transactions natively
Some features:
• iCloud Sync
• View overview
• View and filter transactions
• View subscriber details and attributes
• Change currencies
• View graphs
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This looks great! One question though: how is the information retrieved from RC API? There does not seem to exist a way to get a list of subscribers for instance? Also, does all information stays only on the phone?
@adfasdasdfasdf Thanks! I used the exact same APIs the web called so I could support 2FA, fetch overview and load all transactions. Yes, you can also run the app through Charles Proxy and will see that it only ever hits the RC API. Your access token is stored in Keychain and is made available to your other iCloud devices. There is also no analytics and the open source frameworks used are listed in settings.