Razer Phone

A mobile phone built for gaming

Razer Phone is a mobile phone built for gamers, backed by UltraMotion™ technology to deliver refresh rates up to 120 Hz, a Quad HD display, Dolby ATMOS music quality, Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 with 8GB RAM, and 12MP dual cameras for beautiful photos. It ships November 17th.

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I got excited at first, thinking the RAZR was making a comeback. If Nokia can do it, so can Motorola, right? I'm curious if gamers really want this. Most core gamers spend their time on PC and console gaming and while mobile gaming is massive, the graphics quality and competitive performance is less important on this medium. Maybe I'm wrong. Thoughts?
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@rrhoover I saw Nokia 3310s for sale today! This device reminds me of the Nokia Ngage... which was a dismal failure, but of course those were different times, operating with a completely different business model.
@rrhoover Ex-Gamer here...currently programmer 😂 I guess not everywhere u can take ur PC/PS4 & also, some games like Pokemon GO are made for only phone. 5-10 years from now AR games will conquer(I wish 🙏) so this might be useful then if it doesn't consume lot of battery 😜
@rossdcurrie OHHH! The Ngage. That device appeared to be DOA (terrible market timing).
@rrhoover Ultimately a good gaming platform is about the games. If this is just another Android phone with the same games, what makes it different from another Android phone with the same specs?
I personally don't care about the gaming aspect of the phone. But that constant 120hz display, the specs it offers, the build quality, & those front facing speakers are actually really tempting to me! I think Razer did a great job for their first iteration of a phone. I mainly use my phone for watching videos, so again, this kind of hit the nail on the head for me. Camera seems to be the only questionable thing to me though.
Completely useless product. It will be a huge waste of their time and money. Unless it plays PS3/4 games or PC games then it will fail. Does anyone on their iPhone or Android play a game and think, “This is so slow. If only we had a phone that was faster.” Flagship phones are already insanely fast. There is no need for this unless it has a huge differentiator like playing PC games, which it doesn’t.
@iamjmw you underestimate Razer’s fanboys. They’re like Supreme or Apple’s, if it has the logo it’s golden. Also you can stream PS4 games to android. Sony has had this for about a year.
This is such a weird product.
Razer products are interesting, but they really have to do something about this logo.
@ohadisohad what's wrong with their logo?
It might resonate with their crowd, but for me it seems outdated, over the top, and opinionated.
@ohadisohad hahaha opinionated is a good one ;) I agree with everything but that, but that's just opinion on your opinion haha