RayGun Pulse

Real user monitoring for web apps.

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Hi everyone, I'm John-Daniel Trask, co-founder & CEO of Raygun. We're really excited to have recently launched Raygun Pulse, a real user monitoring product that you'll love to use. I've written a blog post with more details about specific features here: https://raygun.io/blog/2015/10/a... Today, we support web application performance timings and have mobile coming soon. There's also user tracking that you'll love - imagine Intercom meets your performance data. I'm happy to answer any questions you might have.
@traskjd looks great, Daniel. Looking forward to using it!
I've been a user of RayGun's excellent bug tracking solution for a while now - they support a far greater range of platforms than other solutions out there. Yesterday they announced a new product pulse, a live user monitoring system for your site that allows you to view the live performance of your site after adding a few lines of code. Hoping to try it out in the coming weeks to see how it compares to the likes of @Chartbeat and @GoSquared. https://raygun.io/blog/2015/11/v...
@traskjd @_jamesmundy It looks really great! 👍 I am familiar with Newrelic, it seems similar to Raygun 😊 Is that true, how do they compare?
@doefler @_jamesmundy Hi Kim, thanks for dropping by and asking. New Relic provides several things that Raygun doesn't yet, such as an APM product (tell you what code is slow, what queries are slow). Raygun Pulse plays much more in the realm of New Relic Browser, their Real User Monitoring product. I haven't personally used NRB for too long, but the feedback from users of Pulse has been encouraging when they have been using Browser previously. Typical points mentioned: Better data drill in, more user information, great merging of our crash reporting data in with pulse data, less siloed than NR in general, better UX. It's still very early days for Pulse and we have a range of great additions we're looking to add in the coming months. The Raygun Pulse team are humming and deploying improvements many times a day. I'd love to have you try our 30 day free trial and let us know, through the 'feedback' link in the app, how you find the product. I hope that helps Kim!
@traskjd @_jamesmundy Thank you for the very thorough answer! I have been using Newrelic's app solution for tracing MySQL and PHP bottlenecks. But for the browser monitoring I think your solution and UX looks more attractive :) Will definitely​ try yours out with my next project!
@traskjd Congrats on the launch. Looks really FRESH. I will def give it a go as soon as my website is ready.. Best