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Hi Folks, I'm one of the co-founders behind Raygun, and CEO of the company. We built Raygun after learning a lot about software: 1. Only a very tiny % of users will ever report a problem 2. It's a pain in the butt for a developer to figure out what actually broke 3. Existing tools for managing software faults were not overly enjoyable to use (if you used them at all!) 4. Great error tracking, combined with full visibility and context to fix those faults reduces the cost to acquire customers, reduces maintenance costs, and keeps existing users happy. Raygun supports more than 15 programming languages & platforms, takes only a few minutes to integrate into your software and gives you intelligent error reports - making sure to not just fill your inbox. I thought I'd share some fun facts with the Product Hunt community while I'm here: - Raygun's peak rate of error processing has been just north of 110,000 crash reports per-second! - Raygun's backend uses a mixture of .NET, Go and Node.JS. - Our team is based in Wellington, New Zealand (opening a US office soon). Thanks for the votes, and especially for the comments @_jamesmundy and @gphillips_nz, it's really appreciated! Any questions, drop them here and I'm happy to answer them!
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James Mundy
Building interesting things with code
I've been using Raygun for a while after switching from Crittercism which I found to be way too expensive once you get beyond the free trial (call us!). It hasn't got all the features of Crittercism at the moment but they are adding more functionality all the time.
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George PhillipsCTO, Cloud Cannon
We have been using Raygun since we started. There was a small patch where we weren't using it and we felt blind even with remote logging.
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Trey CopelandSEO, SEM, Web Dev
We've been using Rollbar for over a year now and like the product. How does this differ?