Raydar 1.0

An Intelligent Search Engine for Stock Photos.

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Hi Product Hunters!! And thanks for recommending us @en_kawai ! Before Raydar, I used to be a marketer and often felt frustrated that so much time is wasted searching for stock photos. Collaboration was a pain too since we had to send individual URLs to colleagues and clients. Raydar aims to solve all that by aggregating great (FREE) stock photos in one place with a search engine, plus allowing you to create "Shortlists" for your own future reference, or share it with colleagues and clients with a simple URL generated. All our images listed are CC0, meaning you can use them for commercial purposes too. Have a go and tell us what you think, and how we can improve. We are all ears!
Raydar is a search aggregator for free stock photos that allows you to create shortlists and share them with your clients or colleagues over email. No more copy and pasting URLs and looking at images one by one! More info about this helpful tool ask @_keith_teo