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I've been reading RW tutorials since my first days of being an iOS developer! It's by far the best resource of tutorials around everything that touches iOS development. In the meantime, I've become a tutorial author myself and have also worked as an iOS Instructor for the Make School Product College in SF. Even in my instructor role, I always recommended my students to always start out with a RW tutorial if they want to learn about a new iOS topic since these always provide a really thorough foundation for everything you'd want to do after! Here are a few things that make RW stand out against other tutorials: - extremely wide range of tutorials (level: beginner, intermediate, advanced; topics: all major iOS frameworks and libraries, architectural patterns, Swift, games ..., man so much more I can't include everything here!) - detailled step-by-step tutorials with clear structure and instructive explanations - every tutorial includes a final version of the project which is incredibly helpful - tutorials are constantly getting updated - many different tutorial authors with wide range of backgrounds - a free podcast - nice visuals and artwork - fun to read :]
+1 on this, I regularly send people to Ray Wenderlich when they are first getting started and am pleasantly surprised to find a good chunk of intermediate and advanced tutorials on the site.
Great source of development tutorials, particularly for Game Development!
Best there is, no doubt!