The super remote that changes your TV forever

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I like the software part of the product, but don't really get why I should use another touch screen device while I have an iPhone in my pocket at anytime. Why did you choose to make a standalone device instead of an app and a small "box" (I imagine you need an infrared thing pointed at the TV) ?
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@samuelbeek It has an IR blaster, which iPhones don't have
@samuelbeek @joefarish why not just stick an IR blaster on an iPhone? Seems like a no brainer. Btw - hi joe ;)
@mbesto yes :) but I'd like to use this software
@samuelbeek @mbesto Or just use an Android phone with a built in IR blaster :p
price makes it crazy for me. I don't get why they didn't just build something that attaches to your iphone if they needed additional functionality.
My cable box (a Motorola) already has an iPhone app that works via wifi instead of IR.
The One Remote To Rule Them All is supposed to be your phone. I don't want another device to lose in the cushions.
@schlomo agree, we already have a lot of devices, and at times it might be difficult to keep track of all of them. Reduction of the number of devices is a problem, adding additional remote does not seem a solution to the problem. Especially if you consider the capabilities of the cellphone that we all carry at all times.
I feel like the Logitech Harmony systems are perfect. You get an IR blaster that will work with an app on your phone AND a backup physical remote.
@blake Harmony Ultimate is incredible. Absolutely love it.
@blake totally agree Blake. The Harmony Ultimate is the best as its IR, phone AND IoT stuff. So freaking good.
@blake They are far from perfect. Lots of buttons and requires plugging into Silverlight based software on a PC/Mac to program. This seems much better.
@shellen OK. Maybe it's not perfect, but it's quite good. I have one of the newer systems and it controls all my media and connected home devices quite well. You also seldom need to use the PC/Mac software once you get everything setup.