Your personal AI powered virtual research assistant.

RAx is an AI-powered online research assistant that helps academic researchers to boost up their productivity by adapting to their evolving subjective needs throughout their research life-cycle.

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Great job !! Is it available for windows 10?
@ayush_chandra I can’t sign up some glitch over there
@ayush_chandra hi ayush, it's a SaaS product ... so OS independent
@ayush_chandra can you send us the screenshot please ... strange because it's working for us
We launched Rygbee Analytics (beta) - Know who else is working on your problem and get quick novelty checking of your approach!
We recently launched Rygbee Team (beta) ... you can now seamlessly work together and share Rygbee suggestions/analytics with your advisor, research student, or collaborator
Rygbee Campus has gotten a new Avatar - RAx (https://raxter.io) What's new? ========= 1. Project-specific literature survey and review templates 2. Resource discovery on literature and reviews. 3. Project-specific multiple draft organization (work-in-progress, notes, To-Do list, etc.)

This is seems to be future of search engines - proactively lookout for what we might need.


- Resource curation in background which saves lot of time

- Doesn't miss recommending important papers

- also recommends MOOCs!


- Still to support collaborations.