Raw Shorts

DIY explainer videos made simple and easy

Promote and lead your business with the help of presentation videos and animations! Raw Shorts is an easy-to-use animation software with drag and drop interface that will be the perfect tool for you to bring your presentations to the upper level. It has animated charts, templates, graphics libraries and you can record sound explanations.

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Looks like New World Angels just invested in Raw Shorts' most recent $1MM Series A: http://www.miamiherald.com/news/...
Simple and professional explainer vids have launched companies like Dropbox. Raw Shorts helps your product be explained to your audience...just like that.
Explainer videos are such an important part to showcase a product. Sometimes photos don't quite cut it. Web builders are becoming easy with drag and drop etc so totally makes sense to bring that to videos for those products! I wonder how this compares to others?
It's certainly an interesting problem to solve. I have used http://www.powtoon.com in the past. How does it compares to that ?
@haseeb I second that question :-)
Awesome way for any founder/business to convey their message with the quality and accuracy of a professional (who would typically charge thousands for something like this), without having to turn to a resource like Fiverr and deal with the uncertainty and frustration that often follows. Love it.