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Hi Product Hunt! At 500px we're photo lovers ourselves and we understand how important a post-processing workflow is to photographers. With RAW we set out to create an experience that photographers could have fun and be familiar with. We want to set photographers up for success. We've had the 500px Marketplace for a couple of years now, which allows photographers to license their photos through 500px. But today, we're taking it one step further. Starting soon, photographers will be notified of on-demand photography assignments nearby right in the app. We're here to answer your questions!
@aaron_lee07 I love the concept of on-demand photography assignments!
please bring this to Android. :-)
Hey @aaron_lee07 I noticed while using the app that your camera doesn't display the actual size of the image captured. Is there some benefit I'm not seeing?
I'm pretty interested in this as I love photography! I'll download this today and check it out!
@travisweathers Great to hear! Let us know your thoughts :)
Great timing with iPhone7 Plus!
@richardginsberg We're just as excited about it!