A minimalist camera for purists and professionals

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Ben Tossell
No-coder πŸ‘‰ Makerpad.co
Manual Exposure- Always Manual Focus Override RAW Shooting Optional JPG Shooting 8 White Balance Presets including Auto and Custom Kelvin RGB Histogram Grid & Level Overlays Highlight and Shadow Clipping Warnings
Joseph LeBlanc
Dynamic App Design
Ben- thanks for submitting. This is my app! It came out this Monday and is currently featured on the home page of the app store under "New Apps We Love". I'm a photographer as well and as app developer. The idea behind this app was to strip away as many features as possible and have a minimalist camera app with a laser focus on great manual controls. The exposure wheels(shutter and ISO) are huge and always on screen, simulating the ease of real control dials on a camera. RAW+ also of course allows native RAW output as well as some optional advanced features. I've set this app up as free with in app purchase- but the idea is to make it as much like a free trial as possible. The first 100 shots are free and no features are restricted during this period. Upgrade to unlock unlimited shots forever.
tristanHking(οΌΎβˆ‡οΌΎ)Creative Director, MuffinBoy
Hi Ben as an iPhoneographer in excited to test this out
Tomas PeniaskoFounder at Dorkoy
A bit hard to use for a non-photographer, but great.