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Hi ProductHunters! Rave is all about connecting with people very close to you. You log in with Instagram and are entered into a chat experience with other users that share your location. I helped make Rave so please let me know if you have any feedback.
@yes not completely sure I understand it... is it a way to brag to people what you are doing?
@bentossell Hi Ben, I hope people find it useful in all kinds of ways. One of the biggest use cases I think will be Instagram discovery.
@yes ahhhh you edited your initial comment! ok, makes more sense. will check it out tomorrow :)
@bentossell Yep, wanted to make it clearer. Thanks for the feedback!
Pretty nice! Always looking for new accounts, especially locally.
@zacherynielson Thanks so much Zac!
The landing page of the product could be much more informative. For the moment the only information it gives is "The world is a small place, Rave makes it smaller". Not really descriptive unless you follow the link to app store to find the same description mixed by some screeshots.
@aramiggs Hi Aram, thanks for the feedback. The basic concept is you can connect with people on Instagram around you by using Rave.
I don't fully understand it, is the chat happening on your app? (means you need more people) or are you just utilizing Instagrams - comments/hashtags and the other person doesn't actually know you are using the "rave" app?
@rickats Hi Rick, great questions, thanks for the input. Everything you see in Rave is happening on Rave only and nowhere else. We don't track, record, or keep anything. We just launched yesterday but you are very right, we need more people.
I like the concept. The app is a bit lonely here in Minneapolis. Perhaps you could add some channels for places visited? For example, I was just in Nicaragua a month ago. It'd be awesome to chat with people who were also there around that time. Are you able to get Instagram photos' timestamps? Cool concept! Keep going.
@maplethorpej Hi Jerad, thanks for the awesome feedback! We definitely hear you -- geographical isolation and past travels are a big challenge that we want to overcome. We have a some ideas and are going to test them in future releases. Stay tuned!