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Thanks for hunting us Erik! RAUR is launching for iOS today! RAUR is a new place to listen and discover podcast. Most places you go to for podcasts are pretty much static RSS readers. RAUR is more social place. You can easily share episodes with friends by tagging them in the comments. There is a live grid of broadcast being listened to by your friends. The UI is a fresh perspective on what a podcast platform should look like. Also, something else that no other podcast app does. The ability to do live audio broadcasts off your mic to Facebook and Twitter, a la Periscope or Meerkat. Which makes creating a podcast much easier than having to set up an rss, find hosting, and push to itunes.
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From a creator standpoint, the app has helped me easily broadcast to my audience. Something I had been looking for. Simple and reliable. I love this app.
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Awesome concept, @kkliman and @rrenna. I'm a big fan of podcasts and while it's generally a solo experience while I'm at the gym or traveling, there's a really neat opportunity to make it more social. Serial is a great example of a podcast that reached a more mainstream audience, igniting listening parties, communities, and meetups. It became a conversation piece. I'd love to listen to the next season with commentary from my friends.
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Thanks @rrhoover . We hope that the app can help people find new shows that they wouldnt otherwise, and for shows to be able to have better access to their audience.
@rrenna @rrhoover @eriktorenberg the productHunt podcast is featured in the startup section. Pumped to be able to bring new listeners. Shows have been getting good. My favorite episode is between Mazeo and Anthony from Queensbridge.
@rrenna @rrhoover @kkliman thanks man. who do you want to see us interview next
@eriktorenberg would love to see you go off the beaten path of famous investors/entrepreneurs. Some unknown bootstrapped hustler., or even an entrepreneur in the midst of a funding or scaling struggle. The latter might be tough to find, but after listening to it on season 1 and 2 of Gimlets startup podcast it def makes for great listening that a lot of your audience will 100% relate to.
Congrats on the launch @kkliman! I remember seeing this app before meerkat / periscope blowing up. What inspired the creation of this in the first place, and how did the rise of those live video apps change things for you
@kkliman @eriktorenberg We were definitely scouting out this space first ;)
Huge fan of @kkliman and team RAUR! Been watching these guys for the past few months and had a chance to be part of the beta test - amazing work!
@arielvardi Thanks for participating in the beta!