Raumfeld One S

Multi-room wireless speaker built with German precision

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Looks good, the app seems the most interesting thing. Few questions (if the makers gets tagged): - Are there any plans to have ceiling speakers that can be managed from the app? (Thats a deal breaker for me) - Any plans with integrating with IOT?
Hi Aaran, there's a smart little wallmount available for the One S, you can easily place it underneath the ceiling.
@aaran_mcguire Yes, I'm sure you will love our apps, which really is more a remote control for Raumfeld (so doesn't drain your mobile's batteries), but is probably one of the most full-featured multiroom apps out there. Raumfeld is multi-room, multi-zone, multi-music, and you can also combine two One S to a stereo pair from within the app.
@aaran_mcguire Yes, IOT integrations are be a big part of our software roadmap for the next year. Our Berlin software team continuously works to improve the product, and there a a couple of really great new features coming up.
Everything looks great until you see the price. Not that I'm price gauging here but there's no way to see the price until you enter your CC info and they supposedly get you signed up for a pre-order... I wouldn't even enter the CC info until I at least know what I'm signing up for. *edit* Their pre-order form also doesn't scroll on Chrome. =/
@taylorhou I agree with the pricing comment (but I could scroll with chrome). I wish there was just a system that allows the control of speakers with all the music providers integrated (like the one featured with this product) but without the speakers. That way theres a lower implementation cost, and its easy to scale with more/better quality speakers.
Hi everyone, I’m Max, head of product management at Raumfeld. Meet the One S, our smallest multiroom hifi speaker, designed and engineered in Berlin, Germany. You can see what a grown-up design we gave the One S, but let me also tell you how great it sounds: You will be blown away what a large and mature sound you will get from this small box - throw at it what ever genre you like, be it jazz, rock, or classical music, even in a tiled room like a bathroom, it will give you true high fidelity music reproduction. Oh, and the One S is part of one of the most thought-through multiroom audio systems in the world. Happy to answer any of your questions regarding Raumfeld in general, or the One S in particular. Hopefully it will be the beginning of your long love affair with Raumfeld!
@maxboit Can you really take this speaker into the shower with you?
@_jacksmith Well, we made it the perfect speaker for everyday use in a bathroom, including a hydrophobic coating and silicon preset and volume buttons you can use with wet hands. But in order to really place it under the shower we would have had to use a water-proof grill that would have resulted in an inferior sound. So please don't! ;-)
@taylorhou I agree about the pricing at check out and it is expensive too. I would appreciate the idea to compete SONOS and other multiroom wireless music systems. But the main aspect here is pricing, sound quality, & performance when the streaming is happening in multiroom would be important aspect to see. Nice design @maxboit
Thanks, @aaspire ! You should check out the designs of some of our other speakers, all the way up the Stereo L, our three-way floor-standing speakers. There's really nothing out there like Raumfeld's. And all elements you mention to be there for sure. And I'm sure you'll find that for how it sounds, for what it does, it's an absolute steal.