Ratio Coffee Machine

Ratio is smarter than your average coffee maker.

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Alex CarpenterHunter@hybrid_alex · Host of ibrewmyowncoffee.com
One of the biggest parts of brewing a great cup of coffee is consistency. I wonder if this will be the answer. Dial in your prefered taste and hit a button?
Mark HellwegMaker@mrhellweg · Founder, @RatioCoffee & @CliveCoffee
@hybrid_alex Thanks for posting Alex! Just subscribed to ibrewmyowncoffee.com, looks like a great idea.
Nichole Elizabeth DeMeréPro@nikkielizdemere · Community Growth at Zest.is
Wow, did not expect to see the nearly $500 price tag.
Alex CarpenterHunter@hybrid_alex · Host of ibrewmyowncoffee.com
@nikkielizdemere Yeah, tough to justify the price. I think a big part of getting into the slow brew coffee scene is to actually go through the process of brewing the coffee. Still very interested in the product, looks beautiful.
Nichole Elizabeth DeMeréPro@nikkielizdemere · Community Growth at Zest.is
@hybrid_alex @nikkielizdemere Sure, and I love coffee, just don't think I love it that much.
Andrew Lin@andrewrlin · Founder KingForADay, Tip
@nikkielizdemere Love the design, seems the only functional difference compared to using a regular Chemex is automatic pour regulation.
Mark HellwegMaker@mrhellweg · Founder, @RatioCoffee & @CliveCoffee
@andrewrlin @nikkielizdemere I know this may sound like a pat answer, but I think when you see it in person you'll appreciate the quality and the heft of it. It's a machine, if you will. The Chemex is a beautiful, timeless, simple way to make coffee. We didn't think the Chemex had a lot of issues that needed resolving. We thought coffee makers needed a lot of issues resolving. Machines aren't for everyone, but if you're looking for a nice design that is built to high quality standards and makes great coffee with one button, we hope the Ratio Eight is that machine.
Nichole Elizabeth DeMeréPro@nikkielizdemere · Community Growth at Zest.is
@mrhellweg Totally understand. I'm just out of your ideal customer range is all.
Ryan DelkHiring@delk · Growth @ Omni
Yo, @mrhellweg jump in here! Also, here's the updated site (may be better to link to): http://ratiocoffee.com/
Mark HellwegMaker@mrhellweg · Founder, @RatioCoffee & @CliveCoffee
@delk Yep, that's definitely better... That @CliveCoffee page needs some lovin - fortunately a refresh launches next week.
Sandra Carden@sandracarden · Technical editor
Loved the video. My "coffee palate" is not sophisticated enough to appreciate this and, along with the price, it's not for me, but this is a visual delight. I am going to pass this along to a friend who is more sophisticated in all things coffee.