Free yourself from recipes. Cook with ratios.

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Justin Thorp
Justin ThorpHunter@thorpus · Marketing Manager, Oracle Data Cloud
I love this app. There are so many things that we wanna cook and over complicate. Maybe you want pancakes but don't have pancake mix. It's just a ratio of some simple ingredients that you probably already have. This will tell you if you have X grams of flour how much milk you'll need. Works the same with bread, mayo, etc. This app is indispensable if you like to cook.
Jackson Wilkinson
Jackson Wilkinson@mjacksonw · VP Product, PathAI
I'm a big fan of the book, and this is a pretty great and useful start, but I think the UI could still use some simplification to really reflect the philosophy it represents. If the UI on the calculator/ratio screen were more tailored to an at-a-glance view while I'm in the kitchen, ham-fistedly (get it – ham?) trying to get a quick reference, it'd be a big improvement for me and make it a more useful and critical tool for me on an everyday basis. But ignore the crappy app store reviews: it's worth the $5.