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Hey Team, RatherNice is a cute little Chrome extension that we've made to brighten up your day with each and every new tab.   That handsome little glass of water (who we’ve aptly named Glassy) will greet you in each and every new tab, saying something sweet (or a little bit funny) to make sure you don’t stop smiling.  RatherNice is completely free, and we’ll be updating the phrases and features on a monthly-basis, so we’re excited to hear your feedback. Let us know your thoughts ✌️
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@cassiuskiani this is... nice 🌻. Curious though, how would you monetize something like this?
@buunguyen premium subscriptions, one off purchase, stickers, badges...all sorts really. Truth be told, we have 0 plans to monetise this. As cliché as it is, we're happy making people smile 😄
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@cassiuskiani it's rather nice! 😋
This is awesome, guys! I helped make Wikibuy, a shopping Chrome extension featured on the front page of PH not too long ago. Our team watches for other Chrome extensions here and this is one of our favorites yet :). I would love to instantly send these to friends (fb messenger, email, etc). Any plans to allow that in the future? Keep rocking!
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@sirfern that's a rad idea, we'll add it to the features list for the next release. We wanted something super quick a cute out ASAP, so it's very lean 😄
@cassiuskiani Love it. Very simple! What's the inspiration for the idea?
@sirfern I have a few friends (and family members) with a history of depression, so I've spent a lot of time thinking of silly ways to help them out. This was one of those silly ideas. I figured that RatherNice probably wouldn't change their lives, but it might put a smile on their faces 😄
I like it, I have a guilty pleasure for this kinda thing. Would be nice to see a community based submission, a create your own statement.
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@marktmcewan That's a really good shout, I also like the idea of animating Glassy and potentially some other characters too 🦁
@cassiuskiani @marktmcewan LOVE both of these ideas. Great work!
This is cool, I made GIF 😀
Simple and cute. That looks... rather nice. 😏