RaterFox for Mobile

Social recommendation app for movies, TV shows and games.

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The RaterFox app is the easiest way to discover and recommend movies, series and games.
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Jake Prins
Jake PrinsMaker@jake_prins · Maker of RaterFox
Hi ProductHunters! 👋 After making the website RaterFox and it's chrome extension I'm super exited to now finally launch the mobile apps for iOS and android! 🎉 If you like movies, series or games then I hope you will join our new and upcoming community. Connect with people and send/receive recommendations, create lists, share thoughts, rate products and many more. If you got the time to comment here and let me know what you think or how the app could be improved then please do, I would really appreciate it! 🙂 For the devs, the technology I used: Ruby on Rails API + React Native + Expo + Redux + TMDb API (for movie and tv data) + IGDB API (for game data)
Valerii Kuznietsov
Valerii Kuznietsov@_dwite_ · Indie maker, Stickerly
@jake_prins unfortunately website from the comment is not available :(
Jake Prins
Jake PrinsMaker@jake_prins · Maker of RaterFox
@_dwite_ Oops, I had a typo in the link 😰. It's fixed now, thanks for letting me know!
Lyondhur Picciarelli
Lyondhur Picciarelli@lyondhur · T&R Project Manager at Weta Digital
Any chance this can connect to Trakt? Great job! Cheers.