RaterFox 2.0

The social platform for movie hunters and binge-watchers. 🍿

RaterFox 2.0 is a global social platform that connects people who share a passion for movies and TV shows and helps them discover new titles.

Hi ProductHunters! 👋 Happy to show the new version of RaterFox that I’ve been working on for a long time. New stuff🔥: * A complete redesign. (You must have noticed 😉.) * Significantly increased performance. (The frontend is completely rebuilt with ReactJS.) * Emoji votes. You can now vote on movies or TV shows by using emojies! 🎉 * Leaderboard. See who gained the most points in the last week, month or all time 🏆.  * Comments. If you don't want to write a whole review, you can now also quickly drop a comment directly on a movie. * Gifs! Add a funny gif to you comment that describes how you feel. * And a lot of other improvements that I'm sure will make you happy. If you are not familiar with RaterFox, here are some more things you might like to do on RaterFox: * Discover new movies & TV shows 📺 * Send and receive recommendations from friends * Build and manage your lists * Rate or Read/write reviews * Earn points, badges and rank up by your activities 🏅 * Connect with friends and see their ratings, reviews, activities etc. Thanks for checking out RaterFox! Got feedback, questions, feature requests, or a compliment? Please, drop a comment below!
Cool site! Would be great if it has videogames as well. Maybe something to add in the future?
@james07515518 Thanks! I really love games as well and think it might be a nice idea to add games to the database. It will take some time but I will definitely consider it for something in the future 😉
Love the design 🙌
This is a nice looking website 😊
Really like where this is going! I'm a little confused as to why you cannot sort everything by average rating though. I would love to discover new movies/tv shows by top rated. I'm sure there are some great things that I've missed! Nice work!
@justinscheetz Thanks Justin, appreciate it! Nice to hear you like the website. Good suggestion, I will soon add the ability to sort on best ratings!