Do what's important, daily

Track your important activities, or daily themes, every day.
Ask yourself, what is important for you to do every day?
What makes you happy?
Add those activities into Rately and rate your progress every single day to reflect and improve your life.
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1 Review5.0/5
One year ago I picked up a new habit: every evening I open my special spreadsheet and write down how well did my day go based on 5 “daily themes”. This evening reflection turned out to be incredibly useful. It lets me look at what I've accomplished and even made me change my working schedule to a four-day working week. Before that, I rarely looked back at my day in detail, but now I'm doing it daily. With beautiful neumorphic design from Mike, we built an app called Rately. Rately lets you track your most important activities daily. Just create a new activity, and start tracking, reflecting, and improving your life.
Nice and fast little app that I've been trying for the last month or so. If you want to track your life without any complicated stuff this app is nice. I would love to have the option of customizing the emoji, any plans for that @ivanparfenchuk ?
@jordibruin Hi Jordi, thank you for your review! Emoji customization is indeed something we can do. We weren't sure if there is demand for it, but since there is, we'll think over how we can add that nicely. Thanks for the suggestion!
This is cool, idea is impressive, kudos!