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Conrad Barrett
Conrad BarrettHunter@conradd · Product Manager, ZX Ventures (AB InBev)
Hey PH, I’m Conrad, a product manager at ZX Ventures (the innovation group of Anheuser Busch) and it’s my pleasure to help my team launch the new RateBeer app. Over the past few months, our team has had the honor to work with Joe Tucker (RateBeer’s founder) to completely rebuild the mobile experience from the ground up. What you see here is our very first iteration - allowing you to quickly search for a beer and get in-depth information about that beer to help you make a purchase decision. There are so many options nowadays - make sure you’re buying beer you enjoy. If you haven’t heard of RateBeer, it’s is widely recognized as the most in-depth and accurate source for beer information online. Launching in May 2000, RateBeer has remained an active forum for beer lovers to come together and share opinions of beers, and beer retailers in a free environment.Today it's the premier resource for consumer-driven beer ratings, features on beer culture and industry events globally. RateBeer’s mission is dedicated to serving the craft beer community through beer education, promotion, and outreach. -- On the backend, our engineers decided to build the app using React Native. @wyattasdev will be around today to talk through RateBeer’s complete tech stack and answer any questions.
Wyatt McBain
Wyatt McBainMaker@wyattasdev · Mobile developer at ZX Ventures
Hey PHers, I'm Wyatt and I'm one of the mobile developers on the RateBeer team here at ZX Ventures. We've had a really exciting time building the new RateBeer mobile experience using some of the latest technologies available. Our app is about 98% JavaScript relying heavily on the following: * React Native a framework for building mobile apps using JavaScript and React. * Apollo Client a GraphQL client for React and native apps. * Redux a predictable state container for JavaScript app. * Jest, Delightful JavaScript testing. * Flow a static type checker for JavaScript. We are also using the following frameworks: * react-intl * rxjs * redux-observable * recompose * react-native-svg * react-native-vector-icons And it's probably worth mentioning the services we use: * Google Analytics / Firebase * Fabric * Mobile Center * Code Push * Auth0 I'm here today to answer any questions you may have about our stack, processes, or anything else you'd like to know. We love our app and hope you do too! Best, Wyatt
Harry Raymond
Harry Raymond@harryraymond · Product guy, Product Hunt NYC
BeerAdvocate = Yelp RateBeer = Foursquare Less pretentious, shorter reviews, better design. Great to see this app update from RateBeer.
Wyatt McBain
Wyatt McBainMaker@wyattasdev · Mobile developer at ZX Ventures
@harryraymond Thanks Harry! We'd love if you'd share feedback using the app and please continue to check back on updates. We will be keeping a rapid iterative approach, so expect features based on what users love and want.