Raspi Boy

Build your own retro handheld game console

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Ben Tossell
@bentossell · Community Lead, Product Hunt
I bought my little brother the NES Classic Mini recently and since being home for Christmas, we have been LOVING it. Raspi Boy Lets you build your own retro handheld console! Pretty cool - if you are into building
Elie Hirschfeld
@hirschfeldelie · Real Estate Developer
This is awesome!
Sebastien Barrau
@sebastienb · Co-founder, htmlsig and passpass
This is awesome! If I wasn't already making one with a RPI3 I would join this Kickstarter
Travis Lee Street
@travisleestreet · CoFounder of Poplink.io
Incredible design and such thought put into out/inputs. Bravo!
Michael Joseph
@michaelcjoseph · Product Guy. Experimenter.
This seems like the perfect present for my little cousins to play around with!