An unapologetically simple and lighweight chat server!

A really simple and lightweight chat server.

It's so lightweight, it can run on your aging Raspberry Pi.

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Raspchat is an opensource realtime chat system which is aimed to be lightweight and work on almost anything. The current demo shows of the system running on a Raspberry Pi Model B+ (only 512 MB of RAM). Unlike other complex chat systems like Rocket Chat, Mattermost etc. it is a self contained server (no external databases required) almost zero-configuration. Currently it supports one web interface, GIFs, markdown and chat history. All these features were added from user feedback, more feedback from Product Hunt will help me make it even better. Feel free to fork and contribute on GitHub repository :)
This is so fucking awesome ! Keep up the good work
@leovarmak Thanks for share, you know where to get in touch when you are about to install it :)
Wow its awesome
@mrugraj feel free to add some feedback and feature requests on github πŸ‘
This is wonderful great work.
This is pretty sweet. I can put these extra RasPis to good use.
@netopwibby if you start running it anywhere as daily driver do let me know about it 😬 Would love to make a list of who is using it