Raspberry Pi Piano Player AI

An AI that fills empty space from your playing 🎹

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Raspberry Pi Piano Player is a code for providing an augmented piano playing experience. When run, this code will provide computer accompaniment that learns in real-time from the human host pianist. Then the host pianist stops playing for a given amount of time, the computer AI will then improvise in the space using the style learned from the host.

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Allen Rapadas
Allen Rapadas@arvinallen · Art Director @ NeutriSci International
This sounds like a really cool idea! I'll have to pick up a new Raspberry Pi to test it out!
Hallie Hamer
Hallie Hamer@hallie_hamer · Cars, Tech and Travel
Pi Piano Player AI is really interesting. It can learns to listen and maybe then improvise in the music. Wonderful, I'm inspired, thank you!