rasa NLU

Open source, drop-in replacement for NLP tools like wit.ai



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AlanΒ β€” Co-founder at LastMile
Hello PH!

As much as we love third party NLP APIs (wit.ai, LUIS, api.ai) for making prototypes, we found that when your bot gets some traction you inevitably want to become independent. Why should you use rasa NLU?

- Own your data, don't hand everything over to Facebook / Google / Microsoft
- Faster : Runs locally so no network overhead
- Customisable : get better performance by tweaking models for your application.

It doesn't make sense for every bot team to re-build their own NLP, so we thought we'd open source ours so we can all collaborate instead.

This is our first step in making the bot community more open & collaborative, and we're extremely excited about the enthusiastic response we've received so far πŸš€

Happy to answer any questions :)
John FowlerΒ β€” Founder, Zero Host
Wow, really nice to see this on PH. I recently started building an intelligent agent to run my home automation. Am using Wit.ai, but seriously considering changing to Rasa. Well done @tombocklisch @alexweidauer & @alanmnichol
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